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Shop / Classes and Events / 'You're Going to Be a Big Sibling' Book Reading and Signing Event (In-Person)
Shop / Classes and Events / 'You're Going to Be a Big Sibling' Book Reading and Signing Event (In-Person)

'You're Going to Be a Big Sibling' Book Reading and Signing Event (In-Person)

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'You're Going to Be a Big Sibling' Book Reading and Signing Event (In-Person at The Wild)

Everything You Need To Know To Celebrate Your Big-Sibling Journey!


REGISTER for the FREE book reading and signing event by emailing!

Sunday, June 9: 11:00am - 12:00pm


About the Book:

Bursting with vibrant illustrations, this unique, interactive, and personalizable book is poised to become an indispensable treasure in every growing family's library. 

Filled to the brim with age-appropriate wisdom, the book arrived right before “National Sibling Day” and seamlessly weaves informative tidbits about pregnancy and birth and introduces tiny newborns and their marvelous milestones to eager young minds. But it's not just a journey of learning; it's an exploration of fun with fill-in-the-blank activities that spark creativity, along with easy crafts that ignite imaginations, and two sticker sheets with over 50 playful stickers, so kids can transform each page into a canvas of joy. 

A keepsake photo can be added to the cover of “You’re Going to Be a Big Sibling,” turning the book into a token of love and anticipation to be cherished for generations. Through the pages of this enchanting tome, Manon Chevallerau invites big siblings-to-be into a world of discovery, offering guidance and companionship as they embark on the adventure of siblinghood. 

From crafts, to journaling prompts, to heartfelt expressions, this book is more than a guide—it promises a bond that will endure a lifetime of laughter, love, and shared memories.

The interactive keepsake “You’re Going To Be A Big Sibling” offers: 

  • Fun illustrations
  • Age-appropriate information
  • Fill-in-the-blank activities
  • A keepsake cover that can be personalized with a photograph
  • Two sticker sheets with over 50 stickers
  • Easy crafts
  • And more!

The concept of the book originates from a sibling class Manon hosted at Casa Hogar Orphanage in Mexico. The goal was to teach the older siblings about the necessary tools and confidence they need to support and help their newborn siblings. Fast forward to today, this interactive workshop led to the creation of “You’re Going To Be A Big Sibling." 


About the Author, Manon Chevallerau:

Manon Chevallerau is a seasoned postpartum doula/consultant with over two decades of experience in empowering new parents. Since 1999, she has been dedicated to providing individualized support, instilling confidence, and equipping thousands of parents with essential tools to nurture their newborns both in person and virtually. With a focus on tuning into infants' personalities, recognizing cues, and establishing routines, Manon guides parents with a post-birth support plan which entails setting up the nursery, discussing the baby registry and products, breastfeeding routines, baby care, intuitive sleep guidance to foster healthy sleep habits, and much more. Inspired by the natural births of her own children in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and New York City, Manon discovered her innate ability to offer maternal insights to support others on their journey into parenthood.

From 2003 to 2009, Manon hosted renowned mother and father support groups, where she mentored hundreds of parents through the early stages of parenthood, providing invaluable parenting skills and addressing their queries, while also building a new community in a recovering post-9/11 neighborhood. She spearheaded the creation of the first parenting support network in Downtown Manhattan, leading to the establishment of similar collectives across the city. In 2007, she introduced innovative work/life workshops tailored for progressive Corporations, integrating diverse parenting philosophies and fostering skill development among employees. Manon's extensive networking has positioned her as a prominent figure in the NYC Parenting & Family communities.

A graduate of the Art Academy in Amsterdam, Manon's background in design, interior, and fashion lends her a unique perspective in problem-solving and innovation. Her leadership and community-building skills, honed through fundraising and event planning for non-profit organizations, complement her personable nature and inspirational strength as a single mother. With her "Dutch touch," Manon continues to be a passionate advocate and leader in her field. Currently based in Long Island City, New York, Manon remains committed to being a postpartum doula through her independent practice “New Parents Journey”, supporting new families in person and virtually in their parenting journey.

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