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Shop / Classes and Events / Babywearing For Newborns w/ Adriane Stare (In-Person)

Babywearing For Newborns w/ Adriane Stare (In-Person)


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Babywearing For Newborns w/ Adriane Stare (In-Person at The Wild)



Cost: $79 per single; $99 per family

Babies and kids always welcome and free!



Class will be generally be held on the first Sunday of the Month, with a few exceptions:

June 2
July 21 (class will cover both July and August months)
September 8
October 6
November 3
December 1


About the Class:

This class is for expecting and new parents who are curious about babywearing, and want help and guidance getting started.

Evidence that shows that carrying babies on our bodies is undisputedly one of the best things that you can do for you and your child's physical, mental and emotional health. For over a million years, human parents have used slings and soft carriers to keep their children close, while also attending to their own needs. They have always helped parents respond to feeding cues, settle gassy stomachs, build strength, reduce crying and colic, make sleep easier, and improve mental health. Today, the practical benefits are still numerous! A properly-fitting carrier makes it much easier to soothe a fussy or tired kiddo, cook a meal, call a friend, or simply get outside in nature together. Don't forget - your hands are free too! This makes it safer and easier to multitask or maneuver in tight spaces when you travel about in the world, like on buses, subways, airplanes, stairways and through shops.

This class is perfect for expecting families and families with infants who are curious about babywearing! Whether you've recently given birth and need a little help getting started with the carriers you have, or if you're in the market for something entirely new, there's something valuable in this class for everybody. The baby carriers and positioning ways that we learn about in this class are geared towards infants 0-4 months old, though many of the carriers we explore are ones that will grow with your baby, and will last you well past the first year. If you have an older baby or kiddo and need babywearing help, reach out to me for resources or we can set up a consultation.

In this 2 hour class you will …

  • Understand the many evidence-based physical, mental and emotional benefits of babywearing.
  • We honor the traditions and communities that have kept this practice alive for millenia so that our modern-day culture and babies may benefit.
  • Laugh a lot, WITH and AT me! As I demo 5-6 of my favorite carriers for newborns in rapid-fire succession, I'll speak the unfiltered truth about what carrying babies and surviving parenthood REALLY looks like, mishaps and all. This includes tips for adjusting, feeding, and soothing babies while wearing them. I will show you several common carrier brands, so you can understand specifically how babywearing will look and feel for you IRL.
  • Learn what safe positioning looks like in every carrier on the planet, and be able to apply guidelines to ANY carriers you have at home or want to try in the future.
  • Learn what factors will make a carrier a good fit for you, and how to choose the perfect carrier(s) for your family.
  • Get to try on baby carriers on your actual body! With help from my weighted baby demo dolls, this is the best way to know what your body will and won't respond to, when it comes to carriers. With thousands of options on the retail market, it's very difficult to know how something will actually feel on your specific body without touching it and trying it on.
  • Develop an appreciation for baby carriers that you might have never known about before. After taking my class, 100% of my students say they learned something new and amazing, and more than 50% end up choosing and using a carrier that they hadn't known about or wouldn't have considered beforehand.

Whether you have hand-me-down carriers at home that still don’t feel quite “right" on your body, or if you've never even held a newborn before, this class is designed to immediately help parents at all levels figure out what will be the most helpful carriers for their unique families and lifestyles.

Your baby carrier will be the most heavily-used item of baby gear in your house. Make sure you that you understand it, know how to use it, and have a good relationship with it. Let this class be the most valuable step in your product research.

The last 30 minutes of class are dedicated to your specific and personal Q&A and carrier practice and try-ons.

If this class price exchange is not affordable to you, no one will not be turned away due to lack of funds. I have scholarship spots available for BIPOC , LGBTQIAP+, and folks identifying with otherwise marginalized communities. If this is you, please email me so I can send you a pay-what-you-can link. If you DO have the financial means to afford this class, please consider paying it forward and sponsor a scholarship ticket for others! Babywearing is the BEST gift you can offer another parent. Everyone needs and deserves practical tools and strategies for caring for themselves and their babies as they cross this universal threshold.


Is there anything I should have on hand for this class?

Just bring yourselves and your questions! If you have baby carriers that you own at home, you may bring those to practice with at the end of class.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Email me:

What's the refund policy?

Due to the hands-on nature of this class, space is limited so that I can give peopel the attention that they need. To allow time to refill any cancelled spots, I will honor refunds for cancellations made within 5 full days of class. Otherwise, you may ask for a ticket transfer to a future class date up to 48 hours in advance of class. If you go into labor or have a medical emergency within 2 days before, please reach out to me so I can accomodate an reschedule you! In the case of full cancellation, any Eventbrite transaction fees that you pay are non-refundable, per the platform.