Let Us Help Sooth Your Nipples

Let Us Help Sooth Your Nipples

We get it! Breastfeeding can sometimes be painful. Check out these nipple shields that could make your journey a little bit easier. 


These breastfeeding seashells are just that, nipple soothers from the sea. Dating back to a Norwegian tradition, limpet shell shave been used by lactating mothers to protect and soothe their sensitive nipples since the time of the vikings. 

The minerals in the seashells' mother-of-pearl lining were believed to have healing capabilities, and the shells brought relief, as well as protected the skin between feedings.

In Europe, seashells are now commonly recommended as a treatment for sore nipples by maternity ward nurses and lactation consultants

So what are the benefits?

Mother of pearl lined shells feel cool and soft on breastfeeding nipples, providing immediate relief.

Drops of breast milk retained in the seashells have anti-bacterial properties that help soothe dry and cracked nipples.

The seashells stay comfortably in place, creating a barrier between you and your bra or breast pads, limiting rubbing or sticking.

They are 100% natural, hand polished seashells from the Pacific Ocean. Nothing more. Sustainable, as shells are discards from limpets fished for food. They're also biodegradable. You'll have these for as long as you need them, and then some. One pair can last through multiple pregnancies. 

Hand holding pair of Shellies Breastfeeding Seashells Mother of pearl lining comforts sensitive nursing nipples

You can find Shellies here - in multiple sizes, since no nipples are the same! 

Silverette The Original 

Silverette are the ORIGINAL silver nursing cups that have been crafted by fully licensed silversmiths in Italy. They are super light, weighing only 0.1oz per cup. 

What are the benefits?

Silverette nursing cups are natural. They are made of 925 sterling silver. Use as a preventive measure of sore, cracked, nursing nipples. Silver is a natural antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal metal that kills bacteria and infections before they start. 

A safe solution to nursing pain and discomfort. Their patented anatomical shape ensures that your nursing nipple is not compressed! Less compression means less chances of mastitis and clogged ducts.

Silverettes are easy to use! Simply pop them on from your very first feeding & let them go to work. 

Amazon.com : SILVERETTE The Original Silver Nursing Cups - Soothe and  Protect Your Nursing Nipples -Made in Italy : Baby Bibs : Baby

Silverettes will last a lifetime. The efficacy of the cups will remain the same, no matter how long you use them. They are completely nickle free. Also! They have a recycling program. Just send it on back to them and they'll turn it into a charm! 

You can find Silverettes here

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