Women Owned Among the Flowers

Women Owned Among the Flowers

Always plant based, always small batches, always locally sourced. If you're new here, let me introduce you to Among the Flowers. 

Among the Flowers has been a stable line at The Wild since 2018. From their beautifully curated kits, creamy belly and bottom balms, all the way to their candles, Among the Flowers has been serving joy in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. 


Megan Taber created Among the Flowers in her small kitchen when she was pregnant. 

Photo by Sam Ithurburn

“Among the Flowers basically started as a hobby when I was pregnant and wanted to do everything completely natural and organic,” she explains. “I cleared out all of the toxins from my house and started making natural products for me and my family.”

Today Among the Flowers is a team of 13 women, located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada who serve an ever-expanding range of customers, worldwide who are connecting with the beauty and healing of the ingredients found in their products.


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