Raised in a medical family who loved to garden, it only makes sense that Kathryn Higgins founded a company that creates organic herbal remedies. When Kathryn became a mom, she began to develop products safe for pregnancy, nursing and new borns and shared them with other mothers. Her company quickly expanded and now reaches hospitals and retail markets internationally. Each Motherlove product is organic, made sustainably, and certified cruelty-free.

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Motherlove Nurturing Life Gift Box
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Motherlove Malunggay Capsules (Moringa)
Motherlove Birth & Baby Oil
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Motherlove - More Milk Special Blend Alcohol Free
Motherlove - Sitz Bath Spray
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Motherlove - Sitz Bath Soak
Motherlove - Rhoid Balm
Motherlove - Pregnant Belly Salve
Motherlove - Pregnant Belly Oil
Motherlove - Nipple Cream
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Motherlove More Milk Two Alcohol Free
Motherlove - More Milk Plus Capsules
Motherlove - More Milk Plus Alcohol Free
Motherlove - Green Salve
Motherlove Goat's Rue
Motherlove Fenugreek Alcohol Free
Diaper Balm
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