Why Baltic Amber? What's The Hype About?

Why Baltic Amber? What's The Hype About?

We hear you! Why Baltic Amber? Does it actually work? 

First lets talk about what Amber actually is. Amber is not really a true

gemstone, but a fossilized tree resin.  It is believed that the amber contains succinic acid (a natural pain reliever) and when warmed up by the body, it is absorbed thus reducing the pain that comes from teething. There are two types of Amber that you can get: polished, and raw. It is believed the highest concentration of the succinic acid is in the outer layers of the resin, which is why some prefer the raw over the polished. The amber beads are strung, and individually knotted between each bead. They usually come in the form of a necklace, or a bracelet/anklet. However, to be clear - these are not meant for baby to actually chew on! You want to make sure these fit snuggly around   the babies neck, with two of your fingers fitting under, to ensure theres room. You want to also make sure you're always removing the necklace at nap time and bedtime. For this reason, some people rather use the anklet style. So what's the origin of Baltic Amber being used this way? There's written mention of amber as a healing agent as far back as 79AD. It was also thought amber accelerated birth, and was a good remedy against snake bites. Interesting right? 

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