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Shop / Diapering / Esembly Reusable Cloth Diaper Covers

Esembly Reusable Cloth Diaper Covers

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Esembly diapers are made up of two products: an absorbent Inner and a waterproof Outer.

Waterproof yet breathable, Esembly Outers are soft, stretchy and trim-fitting. The unique structure of our fabric allows for optimal transmission, so that the fabric releases vapor and heat while your baby is wearing it, keeping them comfortable longer.

The Outer is the part of the diaper that provides the containment. If anything sneaks past the Inner, you can rest assured it won’t go beyond the Outer.

Outers come in two sizes and are designed to grow with your baby. Two rows of snaps at the waist allow you to adjust the size of the waist independently from the openings at the legs. This enables you to get a perfect fit on babies with big round bellies and skinny legs, and vice versa.

The Outer is easy to use, and our parent-friendly palette and prints make it easy to love!

Esembly recommends having 6 Outers.

Size 1: 7-17 lbs

Size 2: 18-35 lbs

Ingredients: Polyester with a waterproof TPU laminate