TwinGo Infant Insert

Color: Black

The TwinGo Infant Insert is an innovative seat-like piece to support healthy hip and spine positioning in the front carry position. This accessory is NOT intended for the Back Carry or Hip Carry positions. With two adults available, you can divide the TwinGo into two independent carriers for each adult to carry one baby on their front. In this situation while your babies are small, two Infant Inserts would be handy.

Product Details

Before placing your baby in the carrier, slide the tail of the Infant Insert directly into the waistband; the label on the Infant Insert will touch your stomach. Bring your baby to your chest and place your baby's bottom on top of the round cushion. If your baby's hips have limited motion, he will sit in the fetal position. If your baby's hips have more advanced motion, he will spread his legs to straddle the cushion. Your Infant Insert will come with an instruction manual to illustrate these steps. Use the Infant Insert to support newborns starting at 7 lbs (3.2 kg) until your baby's legs can naturally spread to straddle the panel of the TwinGo Carrier from knee-to-knee around 3 to 4 months old.

  • Made of soft foam and covered with 100% black cotton fabric.

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