The Complete Guide to Hiking with Babies and Toddlers (Lori Laborde)


The Complete Guide to Hiking with Babies and Toddlers is a hiking guide tailored for parents who want to hike and explore nature with their little ones. It's fully comprehensive, offering something for parents who have never hiked before or for experienced outdoor enthusiasts who are new to parenthood. This book is designed to easily find answers to your questions and is the perfect companion to throw in your daypack. Its holistic approach walks you through the Leave No Trace Principles, how to easily plan and prepare for your hikes with babies and toddlers, and how to leave the worry behind so you can reap the benefits of spending time in nature with your children. It will encourage you to practice self-reflection and offer ways to be gentle with yourself as you navigate parenthood. It will foster confidence and comfortability on the trail, and inspire you to jump in with two feet! The practical regional appendices will show you how to avoid potentially dangerous situations, help you identify what you see, and provide detailed location information about where to go. Hike on!

*116 Pages plus a Notes from the Field section. Field Identification includes 14 original plant and bird illustrations by artist,Zoë Bean.

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