Suse's KinderCoat Deluxe - Black

$194.00 $99.00

Suse's Kinder Coat Deluxe can handle just about any babywearing-related weather challenge you throw at it! It's a rain slicker and fleece jacket in one, which can be worn zipped together for blizzardy scenarios, or worn separately for rain and milder temps. It's a true 2-in-1 design!

Zip-in panels and hood attachments lets you set it up for any wearing configuration. This coat will cover everything from from twin-wearing to hip carries and even tandem front and back carries! Works with any baby carrier and keeps you and your little one (or ones!) nice and snugly together.

This coat really shines when it comes to back carries. Putting it on feels effortless and it fits close against your baby's neck when you're done to keep him snug and draft-free. When the ice and rain are pouring down, believe me, you'll be so happy to have something that can stand up to the elements!

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