Prenatal Pilates with Gio *VIRTUAL*


Sundays @ 11:00am  *Class is held on Zoom and runs for 1 hour*

November, 1- November, 29

$25/class or $100/5 classes via Venmo

**If purchasing a pack of 5 classes they must be used within 2 months

To Register: email Giovanna She will send you Venmo information and a zoom link for the class!

More information about the class and Giovanna HERE!

Participants are encouraged to log on a couple minutes ahead of time to meet and greet and test any technical aspects involved in video classes, as well as making sure their screen is placed in a way that they can easily be seen and guided throughout class with small adjustments and corrections. 

About the Class:

It is a Prenatal Pilates class and is well suited for people in all stages of pregnancy, however, it will be targeted towards those in their 2nd and beginning of 3rd trimester. Modifications will be offered as well as different positions to make sure everyone is well and can get the most out of the class.

Class is of intermediate level and moves slowly offering many places to breathe and focus. 

Gio will be doing some of the exercises with the students but will also be looking closely at their form through the screen, offering some personalized attention and correction whenever possible. 

We will cover: breathing, stretching and relaxation, we will talk about posture as well as strengthening and toning to ensure moms stay strong and in their body throughout their magical transformation. 

 Props that are always going to be used: a chair, a bolster or a couple of thick pillows, a yoga strap (or a scarf or long belt), and two light hand weights (or water bottles or cans from your kitchen). 

*This class is not intended to cure any injury or pre existing condition. When in doubt about your own physical ability to move and exercise throughout your pregnancy, please check in with your doctor or midwife.

About Gio:

Giovanna (Gio) Gamna is a dancer, a Pilates instructor, and a mom.  She got her comprehensive Pilates Certification in 2013 through Balanced Body university, studying with master teacher Lesley PowellGio also got a Pre and Post-natal Pilates certification from Little Bridge Pilates in New York City. Since becoming a mom in 2018, she is especially dedicated to the well being of expecting mothers in each and every stage of their pregnancy. Pilates practice during her own and many of her client’s prenatal journeys showed to be beneficial to maintaining a strong body, focused mind, approachable delivery and fast recovery. 

 As a Pilates Instructor, Gio is patient, articulate, and creative; she strives to make “PILATES” easy to follow, accessible, and free of any type of unnecessary frill.  She aspires to use imagery as a way to channel physical sensations, and has one goal in mind - to make her clients, her fellow class takers, and her friends, feel better in their body, in their lives, and throughout their day.


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