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Shop / Toys / Pocket Crayon Blocks - Cars

Pocket Crayon Blocks - Cars

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Crafted from natural bean wax and non-toxic pigments, Goober's Cars Pocket Crayons are not only safe and mess-free but are especially designed for small hands, helping to develop your child's fine motor skills. Moulded into Lego-like blocks, these crayons can be used as construction blocks, seamlessly blending play and drawing. Even when the crayons become smaller, they can be combined together to create your own multicoloured drawing tools.

Available in four distinct packaging options - mixer truck, excavator, fire truck, and ambulance - each package contains a unique set of colours. With its compact and portable design, Goober's Pocket Crayons can be easily carried for travelling.

All crayons are neatly arranged in a beautifully designed storage box. A set consists of 4 boxes of crayons, each with a different vehicle design, totalling 23 crayons.