Kaiser Natural Lambskin Baby Play Rug

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Environmentally friendly lambskin/sheepskin baby play-rug tanned with natural Mimosa-tree extract for a chemical-free leather hide. Imported from the Bavarian Alps of Germany. Baby will love to feel the soft, natural wool on their bare skin and grasp it with their hands. Perfect for developing "tummy-time" posture and stimulating blood circulation.  Regulates body temperature so baby is warm in winter and cool in summer.

Product Details

Approximate Dimensions: 35" long, 21" wide (at widest point), 16" wide (at narrowest point).

Lambskin is naturally self-purifying in fresh air. For slight soiling, air the skin for a short time. In cases of heavy soiling, you may wash the skin considering the following guidelines:

  • Fully washable up to 30 °C (86 °F) with lanolin soap.
  • Air dry skin. Do not use a spin dryer.
  • While drying, skin should be stretched to shape.
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