Improv for Birthworkers


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As birthworkers we need to be agile, flexible, collaborative, creative, innovative, nonjudgemental and resilient. That‰۪s a tall order. This immersive hands-on class speaks to the increasing diversity of skill-set we need to do our jobs and do them well. Improvisation provides people a practice in building the tools to make them better listeners, instilling an increased openness to new thoughts and ideas and builds confidence, empathy and understanding. Creating a fun and physical learning environment, Erica and Laura take their backgrounds as performers and improvisers and teach birthworkers how to come out of their shells and increase their ability to hold space, understand and laugh their way through birthworker life. We develop storytelling capabilities that will boost your branding, practices and exercises that increase agility and thinking on your feet and games that increase your ability to respond to curveballs, to better manage change, and to bounce back from a stressful or traumatic experience..Learn as we take the basics of comedy improvisation (‰ÛÏyes and‰۝, ready to fail, risk taking, being in the moment and commitment) and apply them to the field of birth work for a exciting, fun and expansive new look at how to be a sacred space holder. Book more clients by increasing your communication and interviewing skills, being comfortable giving your spiel on the fly and welcoming humor into your work. You‰۪ve never taken a class this fun!
What the heck is this?
This class is fully experiential. We are up on our feet (modifications can be made for anyone who needs/wants to remain seated) and doing exercises akin to improv/acting. Between the two of us we have thousands of hours of professional acting and improv training in addition to being doula trainers and having our own mentorship program. We have expertly woven our performance and doula backgrounds to create a fully applicable and totally fun experience. The class will start slow and easy and work up to loosening the stage fright and feeling like you can flow with ideas and embodied confidence - whether you were voted Class Clown or Most Likely to Never Speak in Public we will aim to meet you where you are and create a space that you can feel secure enough to explore your edge in.
Who is this class for?
This class is aimed to serve those working with people across the perinatal and reproductive support spectrum. You might be a doula, a midwife, an L&D nurse or a (very fun, open and non hierarchical!) OBGYN! This class has less to do with WHAT you're doing in the birth/postpartum/perinatal space and much more to do with HOW you're doing it. The energy you bring into a room, how you handle the mirco and macro shifts (whether is be a change in plan or a shift change), and how you decompress/reset/keep it fresh and flowing is VITAL IN THIS WORK. When you train in Improv you never become stagnant in your practice!
Why take this class?
Maybe you aren't booking as many clients as you would like. Or maybe you're at a bit of a plateau. Perhaps you keep tripping on your words/flow/confidence in your prenatal visits. Maybe you have some steam to blow off after a series of hard births/shifts/client experiences. Perhaps you're feeling adrift in community and want to be with other birthworkers IRL! Maybe you've been taking training after training but you're not sure how to pull it all together, or want your confidence level to match your amassed knowledge. Maybe everything is going great and you just want to come along and have some fun! Whatever your reason you are so welcome!
Leave with:
- Stronger interview skills
- A better handle on your 'elevator pitch'
- More confidence
- Tools to release tension
- Better boundaries
- Healthy ways to think about rejection (trust us - we were actors!)
- Exercises to stay loose
- An ability to weave fun into your practice
- Sore abs from laughing (!)
- New friends
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