Humphreys - Witch Hazel Astringent Cleansing Pads


The cleansing power of genuine distilled Witch Hazel now comes in a pad. Humphrey's Witch Hazel cleansing pads are the only pads made with 100% natural genuine distilled Witch Hazel. They penetrate deep into pores to wipe away dirt, oil, makeup and soap residue ‰ÛÓ leaving skin soft, smooth and refined ‰ÛÓ without overdrying.

Since 1854, this all-natural remedy has been used to gently cleanse and soothe even the most sensitive skin. Made from therapeutic extracts of the witch hazel plant, our exclusive formula penetrates deep into pores, removing dirt, oil and impurities ‰ÛÓ leaving your skin soft, smooth and conditioned without removing essential moisture. For all skin types, even the most delicate skin.

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