Hatch Nipple and Lip Rescue Balm


Let’s be honest. Breastfeeding is amazing + awesome but can be painful AF! This lanolin-free formula helps calm and soothe irritated nipps + relieve dry lips and other bits. Tropical butters and superfruits create a barrier against chapping and chafing.

  • Why We Love It

    - Free of parabens, phthalates, dyes, & fragrance
    - Plant-derived, lanolin-free & gluten-free
    - Dermatologist & allergy tested
    - BPA-free packaging

  • How To Use It

    1. Before: hydrate lips, cuticles and any other dry bits 24/7
    2. During: Massage onto nipps to prep for nursing
    3. After: Apply to soothe + protect nipps while nursing
    4. Keep handy at all times (V important)
    PS. (We recommend gently wiping your breast prior to feeding to remove any residue)

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