Girasol Woven Wrap Thick Weave - Boy or Girl


Boy or Girl is a great, gender-neutral rainbow stripe. With blocks of striping in traditional "girl" colors ranging in reds, pinks and purples and "boy" colors in greens and blues. If you ask us, it looks great either way, regardless of gender of baby or wearer!

The thicker weave was developed to offer more support for growing toddlers. Using a double-weft, this wrap is cushier, with solid grip and support. This wrap feels thicker, denser and sturdier than a regular Girasol, andåÊwill soften up with time and use.

Product Information

Girasol Baby Wraps have a soft, blankety feel that breaks in easily. Designed for heavier toddlers and longer distances, these wraps prove themselves to be soft and supportive. Girasol wraps have a strong following with the babywearing crew, but we‰۪ve also seen how newbies quickly learn to tie these wraps and become confident in their babywearing skills. With a little practice, you will find this carrier to always be a perfect fit, distributing your baby‰۪s weight evenly and comfortably.

  • Traditional cross twill weave with a double-weft for added thickness and support.
  • Versatile carrier with countless ways of tying on your front, back and hip.
  • Fabric ends are tapered and hems finished.

100% Cotton is never bleached. Dyeing and finishing processes use no chemical finishes, formaldehyde, halogen-organic compounds, aromatic amines or brighteners.åÊWraps are easy to care for and may be washed in hot water, tumble or line-dried.

A Note on Handwoven Fabrics

Girasol wraps are handwoven on traditional looms in Guatemala. Due to the highly-specialized hand-weaving technique, it is common for Girasols to have small irregularities in their fabric, such as small weavers knots, occasional skipped threads in the design, or slightly loose pieces of yarn called "pulls." These cosmetic variances make each wrap one-of-a-kind and have no effect on the safety or quality of the carrier.åÊSmall tags, which are sewn into the center of the wrap to mark the middle of the fabric for ease of use, may vary in placement from the exact center by approximately 12 inches.åÊIf you have any questionsåÊor concerns about these details, or wish for more clarification on a wrap you are considering or have purchased, please contact us so we mayåÊfurther assist you. If you order a Girasol from our online shop, it is with the assumption that you understand and accept the nature of these handwoven wraps.


Wrap sizing is based on what carry you are doing and your size. We find most people fit well in a 4.2m or 4.6m length for a Front Wrap Cross Carry, a great beginner carry for all ages and sizes. Please contact us should you have any questions regarding sizing, we would love to help!

Front Wrap Cross Carry Tutorial


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