Warm, practical and cute to boot! These boiled wood booties are perfect for tiny crawlers and walkers. The double Velcro fasteners make these Disana booties easy to put on and adjust to fit, so they stay on. Non-slip soles prevent slipping and skidding on hard floors. Natural fibers and eco-friendly practices combined with practical and stylish detailing make these Disana booties hard to resist.

Wool naturally self-cleans by deodorizing in the air. When you do need to wash, we recommend hand washing in cold water with wool shampoo. Machine washing may felt the wool, changing the size and texture, and should be avoided. Lay flat and air dry.

Size 1, 9.5 cm (about 3.75 inches), fits about age 2 months to 7 or 8 months old

Size 2, 11 cm (about 4.33 inches) fits about age 8 months to 14 months old


  • GOTS Certified Organic Merino Wool.
  • Made in Germany.
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