Didymos BabyDos Boiled Wool Baby Carrier Cover


Designed to provide your baby with an extra layer ofåÊ protection against the cold, wind and rain, the Didymos BabyDos easilyåÊfits over any baby carrier or car seat.åÊAdjustable buttonhole straps around the head and neck and anåÊelastic band at the bottom edge stop any cold or wind from getting to your baby.åÊ Pockets on the front keep your handsåÊtoasty too!

Suited for front, side and back carries this easy design includes a hood for baby that can be rolled up for use as a headrest. Boiled wool is durable, water-resistant and keeps nicely warm.

Size 1 is for a baby up to the height of 68 cm (27 inches) and size 2 up to the height of 86 cm (34 inches).
  • Organic boiled wool.
  • Machine wash cool wool/delicate cycle when needed. Dry flat to prevent shrinkage and increase longevity.
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