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Shop / Diapering / Diaperkind - Prepped Organic Prefold Cloth Diaper

Diaperkind - Prepped Organic Prefold Cloth Diaper

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What's better than getting a brand new prefold? Having it already washed and prepped so you can use it right away! These are not used diapers, they have been professionally prepped through a special prewash cycle that washed them 5 times. They arrive to you soft and fluffy, fully prepped and ready to use.

Product Details

Prefold diapers are simple yet versatile, and only get better and more absorbent with use. From diapering to burp cloths, you'll find countless uses for this amazing piece of cloth. Prefolds should be part of any diapering arsenal, and we recommend every expectant parent to have at least a dozen on-hand - you'll be sure to use them, even if you don't diaper with them! Super affordable, and custom-folded for a perfect fit, every time, they are virtually leak proof. All prefold diapers should be used in tandem with a diaper cover and may be fastened using an accessory like a Snappi or diaper pin, or simply trifolded for toddlers beginning potty learning.

Made with 100% certified organic cotton twill, woven using luxurious Pakistani cotton, they are soft, fluffy and super absorbent with 4-ply along each side and 8-ply down the center. The cotton for these diapers is grown and harvested according to GOTA (Global Organic Textile Standards) under the EKO Sustainable Textile Scheme.


Stitching colors will vary but you can expect the following, based on size.

  • Small fits babies from 7 - 16 lbs and measures 12" x 16" with Blue, Purple or Yellow Trim.
  • Medium fits babies from 15 - 22 lbs and measures 14" x 17 "with Orange or Dark Brown Trim.
  • Large its toddlers from 20 - 40 lbs and measures 14.5" x 22" with White, Yellow or Red Trim.

How to Fold and Fasten a Prefold