June 1st, 12:45 PM - 2:15 PM
Price: $15 per individual, $20 per couple
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Babies love to be held.  With a carrier parents can keep kiddos close and attend to their needs, while also getting things done (think brushing your teeth .... making a sandwich) - hands free! Also easier for commuting, shopping, strolling - anything where there are tight spaces, stairs, items to be carried (ie groceries!).

In our comfy shop, settled in with your fellow neighbors, caregivers, parents a WWM trained Babywearing Educator will introduce the five best carriers for young babies, show you why we love them, and help you choose the perfect one for your family. Touch, feel, learn about, and try on our selection of woven wraps, ring slings and soft-structured carriers. We’ll compare their functions and features, and show you how to use them.

An ideal class for expectant families, families with young babies, doula and other birth and postpartum support professionals interested in babywearing safety and options.


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