May 4th, 6:30pm - 9:30pm

Childbirth Education Express:

For those short on time, or attention, we'll give you a crash course on:
  • Anatomy and physiology of late pregnancy and birth.
  • Stages and phases of labor.
  • Coping measures and positions
  • Breath and relaxation practices to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Benefits, risks, and alternatives to common medical procedures
  • When to go to the hospital and what to pack
  • Questions to ask your provider and how to navigate the hospital setting
  • Epidural anesthesia, induction procedures and cesarean surgery

* This childbirth class is intended for clients between 36 and 38 weeks who want to understand the language around birth and do not have the time for a longer series.

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About the Instructor:

Ashley Brichter is the Founder, Owner, and Lead Teacher at Birth Smarter. She is a Certified Cooperative Childbirth Educator through CEA/MNY, a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC), and a birth and postpartum doula. Ashley is a pelvic health and body-alignment enthusiast. She is trained in Comforting Touch for Labor, Infant / Child CPR, Rebozo Techniques for ChildbirthDream Birth ImagerySpinning Babies, and Prenatal Yoga.

Ashley graduated from Haverford College with a passion for progressive politics and progressive education as well as an innate ability to nurture those around her. She fell seamlessly into working as a postpartum doula and founded Managing Overwhelming Moments, LLC (MOM) in 2011. She quickly became a lactation counselor, birth doula, and childbirth educator.

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