Audra Rox's Baby Class


Winter Session: January 8-March 26

Fridays @ 11:30 on ZOOM 

$15 for one/ $10 for four or more after that  

 **Email for registration and payment info

Class Description:

Audra Rox’s Baby Class—a first music class experience for families with babies 12 months and younger. 

It’s a mellow program created especially for our littlest students. Babies love to feel music and joyful energy around them as they to sit in the lap of their parent or caregiver. Singing, chanting, clapping, and rhythm training combined with movement and exploration introduce them to the many ways to make, enjoy, and benefit from music. The kids have a great time and so do their grownups!

Although our focus is on fun, research has shown exposure to music
“early and often is critical to healthy development and a successful future—and that music can play a role in everyday interactions that support our next generation.” (New York Times)

Audra Rox’s Baby Class also fosters the community we create in our gatherings. This is often the first “circle time” for children and caregivers, and we've seen countless long-lasting friendships bond and grow by coming together with the focus on making music.
And we’re finding that (although not our first choice) even Zoom classes have this effect—it’s a way to celebrate music and friendship and connect with other families during this difficult time. 

We hope you'll join us in this very special class!
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