This beautiful blue to yellow gradation is reminiscent of the sky at twilight features swirling scrollwork celebrates love in motion.  This wrap was the winner of our “Wrapsody in Motion” design contest. Amy Galloway, the designer, says, “I would like to call it Noa, which in Hebrew means ‘motion’ and in Japanese means ‘from love.’  I created the design because I wanted it to reflect the constant flow and movement of all life.  The blues represent the skies and waters; the yellows represent the lands and animals.  The floral swirls felt, to me, to truly show the constant growth and change that all things go through and the middle swirls the balance of all motion and life.”


Wrapsody Breeze Noa, lightweight baby carrier, is as cool as it sounds, and it’s compact enough to tuck into your purse when you’re not wearing it. The simple design and bold patterns offer you the perfect fit every time. Just put your carrier on and tuck your baby in, and you’re ready to take on any adventure life brings you, beautifully, comfortably, and connected.

Our Wrapsody Breeze Noa Wrap:

  • Lightweight, strong, and compact
  • For front, back, and hip carrying
  • The most versatile style of carrier on the market
  • Packs into a self-storing pocket for travel
  • Range of patterns and styles for every family
  • Includes full length DVD and quick-start brochure
  • Fairly traded
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