Earth Mama Angel Baby - A Little Something For Mama-To-Be


Pregnancy brings it all on, so here‰۪s special gift that says ‰ÛÏI get it. This will help.‰۝

6 piece set includes travel sizes in a sweet reusable non-toxic, PVC-free plastic zipper pouch.

GingerAid DeodorantåÊ0.6 oz.
GingeråÊ+ lime = ahhh in a super-special deodorant formulation just for you. NO Propylene Glycol,åÊArtificial Fragrance, Parabens or Aluminum.

Morning Wellness Body WashåÊ1.67 fl. oz
Ginger, lime and grapefruit castile-based soap ‰ÛÒ extra welcome if you have occasional morning sickness ‰ÛÓ that lasts all day.

Belly ButteråÊ2 fl. ozåÊ
Luxurious, moisturizing pregnancy lotion with herbs traditionally used to help ease the appearance of emerging stretch marks.

Belly OilåÊ2 fl. oz
Moisturizes gloriously expanding bellies, hips, breasts and thighs and helps comfort skin and stretch marks while it encourages skin's natural elasticity.

Orange GingerAid Lip Balm
A sip of Orange & Ginger with a twist of Mint.

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