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Grech & Co Adult Amber Bracelet

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Baltic amber has been worn as jewelry worldwide for the holistic relief of pain, along with calming and health promoting benefits.  Although not scientifically proven or disproven, many people swear by the effects they experienced while wearing amber jewelry. It is commonly believed that with continuous wear, the succinic acid found within the amber enters the bloodstream from the heat of the skin. 

Metaphysical properties surrounding Baltic amber include, but are not limited to, the clearing of negative energies from the chakras and environment, promotion of creative self expression, decision-making, and self confidence, as well as balancing of emotions and healing effects on depression.

Gretch & Co's Baltic amber is lab tested Genuine Baltic amber and comes beautifully presented in our signature fabric drawstring bag.

Packaging: Each piece of jewelry comes with it's own fabric pouch making a most lovely gift giving and offering safe storage.

Length Sizes: 18 cm.  Due to the handmade nature of this item, sizes are approximate. Made with strong elastic cord.

Clean & Care: Polish with a soft cloth under warm water rinse · Remove any film covering beads · Air dry · Avoid soaps and chlorine · expose to an indirect heat source for an average of 3 hours to 'recharge' your amber

* information provided is based on opinion and not fact, and is not intended as medical advice. 

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