Virtual Babywearing 101: Choosing a Baby Carrier for Newborns


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Thursday June 3rd, 6:00-8:00p EST

Cost per Family: $49

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Virtual Babywearing 101 - Choosing a Carrier for Newborns

All of my Babywearing classes are currently online! Get all of your burning carrier questions answered in real time by me- one of New York CIty’s top Certified Babywearing Educators - from the comfort of your own home. Register for class today and help support one of my favorite small babywearing businesses: The Wild BK . Each class ticket comes with a 20% discount code to The Wild for all baby carriers and accessories, and shipping is fast and free on purchases over $59..

Baby carriers are magical and do amazing things for babies. Holding infants upright and close to your body decreases their (and your!) stress. It settles gassy stomachs, builds strength, improves feeding, lessens crying, quickens growth and improves their sleep. Carriers allow parents to keep their children happy and close while attending to their own needs ....or in other words, stay SANE! In New York City where I live, the practical benefits of using carriers are countless - it’s simply way easier to maneuver in and out of walk-up apartments and tight spaces like buses, stairways and shops. Having your hands free creates independence. In light of the current climate of physical distancing and social separation, babies (and parents also) need much rocking, soothing, walks in the fresh air and movement. Baby carriers can keep your baby protected from germs when you are out of the house, and make for a happier family when you are inside. Less crying and less stress? YES. PLEASE.

This class is perfect for pregnant people and their families who are curious about babywearing. If you've recently had a baby and need help with a carrier you already own, or if you're in the market for something completely new and different, there is a lot here to learn for everybody. The baby carriers I show you in this class are geared towards infants up to 15 lbs (though many you will learn about can last you much, much longer than that.) If you have an older kiddo and need babywearing help, reach out to me for resources or we can set up a virtual consultation.

In this 2-hour class you will..

  • Feel inspired and validated by evidence that shows that holding babies in carriers on your body is undisputedly one of the best things that you can do for you and your child's health, physically, mentally and emotionally.

  • Laugh a lot, WITH and AT me! I demo 6 of my favorite carriers for new parents and little babies in rapid-fire succession, all while speaking the unfiltered truth about what carrying babies and surviving parenthood REALLY looks like, mishaps and all.

  • Clearly understand what safe newborn positioning looks and feels like in ANY baby carrier. What age can I face my baby forward and should I? Do his hips look okay? When will he grow out of this carrier? Can I feed her in this one? Can she breathe? Can she breathe now? ...What about now? I promise, no babywearing stone will be left unturned!

  • Have open access to my experience helping thousands of new families with all brands of baby carriers! The saying “what works for one person, does not always work for another” has never rung so true. Your carrier will be the most heavily-used item of baby gear in your house - Make sure you that you understand it, know how to use it, and have a good relationship with it. Let this class be the most valuable step in your product research.

  • Find some love for a carrier that you hated before (or one that you were accidentally wearing incorrectly this whole time, woops!) Or, gain a better understanding of WHY a carrier has not been serving you, and do as the great Marie Kondo does: thank it for its service, and get rid of it. Remember: A sad carrier that sits in a bag at the top of your closet is not doing anyone any good.

  • Develop an appreciation for baby carriers that you might have never known about before. After taking my class, 100% of my students say they learned something new and amazing, and at least 50% end up choosing and using a carrier that they hadn't known about or wouldn't have considered beforehand.

Whether you have hand-me-down carriers at home that still don’t feel quite “right" on your body, or if you've never touched a carrier or even held a newborn before, this class is designed to immediately help you narrow down your choices and figure out what will be the most helpful for you and YOUR family. The last 10 minutes of class are dedicated to your specific and personal Q&A. Although you can't touch and feel the carriers I will be showing you, I use my language and live demonstration to help you develop a full understanding of each one.

This 2 hour class is only $49 per family. If this exchange is not affordable to you, no one will not be turned away due to lack of funds. I make scholarship spots available in every class for BIPOC , LGBTQIAP+, and folks identifying with otherwise marginalized communities. If this is you, please email me so I can send you a pay-what-you-can link. If you DO have the financial means to afford this class, please consider paying it forward and sponsor a scholarship ticket for others! Babywearing is the BEST gift you can offer another parent. Everyone needs and deserves practical tools and strategies for caring for themselves and their babies as they cross this epic threshold.

Providing high-quality and specialized educational content has always been how I make my living, and like so many other instructors and small business friends in the birth world, I have pivoted to provide the same level of support in this live, virtual format. I appreciate all of your support during this time!

About the Instructor:

Adriane Stare is the founder and former owner of Wild Was Mama (now The Wild BK!) She is a Master Babywearing Instructor with more than 10 years experience, a Certified Postpartum Doula, Certified Breastfeeding Educator and Mom to 2 boys. Find her at or on instagram at @ado_stare!

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