2019 Summer Session: 6 weeks $180
July 8th - August 12thåÊ
Mondays - 10:30am (mixed ages)åÊ
åÊ åÊ åÊ åÊ åÊ åÊ åÊ åÊ åÊ- 11:30am (12 months & under)åÊ
* Pro-rated packages available *

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Music for Aardvarks
‰ۢ Come share in the fun at Music for Aardvarks classes! It‰۪s a musical experienceåÊfor families with children from newborn to four years old.
‰ۢ We‰۪ll explore musicåÊthrough song and gesture, dance and movement, rhythm training and instrumentåÊplay.åÊ
‰ۢ AudraRox Inc. classes are limited to a small number of participants to provide a focused, intimate environment where children can enjoy their firståÊcircle-time, as they practice structure, sharing, and early social skills.
‰ۢ By coming together weekly,åÊweåÊcreateåÊa community vibe that provides children with the security to explore and learn, and for their caregivers to bond and form friendships as well.åÊ
‰ۢ Adults are an important part of the dynamic and encouraged to participate as role models for their children.
‰ۢ Original songs like Taxi, CityåÊKid, and Subway (all written by David Weinstone) celebrate the lives of children growing upåÊin the city and provide a positive image to help your kids relate to and celebrate the world around them.
‰ۢ Join us as we discover and sing together!


Meet Audra

headshot Audra Tsanos

Audra TsanosåÊis an actress and singer who has been making music with families for the last 12 years. The popularity of her classes has made her a celebrated entertainer. She has been crowned by Time Out NY Kids the ‰ÛÏQueen of the NY Kids Rock Scene, and has been featured on Nickelodeon & Sesame Street.

Audra teaches 15 classes in a week in Brooklyn, where she encourages parents to be role models for their children through music. She provides an energetic, fun, playful environment that invites parents to engage with their children & and enjoy the music! Her hip style and rockin' vibe appeals to children and parents alike. Kids' music doesn't have to be boring and when she performs, it is anything but!

AudraRox was recently voted one of NYC's BEST Music Classes by GrubStreet.åÊYay Audra!

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