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Shop / Classes and Events / Williamsburg Therapy Group Office Hours Series (In-Person)

Williamsburg Therapy Group Office Hours Series (In-Person)

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Williamsburg Therapy Group Office Hours Series (In-Person at The Wild)


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October 8, 3:00-4:00pm: TBD

November 12, TBD


About the Series:

Williamsburg Therapy Group (WTG) has been the premier provider for psychological services for the Williamsburg and Greenpoint communities, and now provides comprehensive supportive services specifically tailored to address the challenges that arise during the perinatal period. WTG is thrilled to partner with The Wild to provide a new series of FREE classes and workshops, lead by doctoral level psychologists and guest speakers and experts.


June 25, 2:00pm

WTG Office Hours: Matresence - Embrace the Transformative Journey of Motherhood

Discover the profound shifts in identity, priorities, and personal growth that occur during pregnancy, childbirth, and early parenthood. Led by WTG perinatal psychologists, Dr. Hila Sachs and Dr. Madeline McKeon, participants will engage in an open discussion on the topic of matrescence, the psychological process of becoming a mother. Tis event is designed for pregnant and postpartum individuals seeking to deepen their understanding of the emotional and psychological changes that occur during this transformative time.


July 27, 2:00pm:

WTG Office Hours: Food and Mood

Join pregnancy dietitian Amanda DiPietro, MS, and perinatal psychologist Dr. Hila Sachs for an exciting discussion on the mind-body connection during pregnancy. Explore the impact of a healthy lifestyle on your physical and emotional well-being, creating an optimal environment for you and your baby. Gain valuable insights, practical tips, and delicious recipes to nourish your body and uplif your spirit, ensuring a harmonious and joyful experience throughout your pregnancy journey.


August 13, 10:30am:

WTG Office Hours: Perinatal Yoga and Mindfulness

Join health and life coach, yoga teacher Elodie Erghott, and perinatal psychologist Dr. Hila Sachs for a transformative journey of movement and breath during the perinatal period. Tis immersive class is designed for pregnant and postpartum women, integrating mindfulness and mind-body relaxation techniques to help you embrace and connect with your changing body throughout pregnancy.


September 10, 10:30am:

WTG Office Hours: Somatic Experiencing

Discover the transformative power of Somatic Experiencing with Somatic Experiencing Practitioner Kathy Cherry and perinatal psychologist Dr. Hila Sachs. Join us in exploring how this powerful approach can enhance your awareness and engagement with your nervous system physiology, promoting physical and emotional well-being for a healthy pregnancy and birth. Gain valuable tools for regulating your, laying the foundation for your baby's development of a flexible and functional system. Unleash your innate potential for a harmonious and nurturing pregnancy journey.