6 week session-

Thursdays 1:45-3:00

8/29 - 10/3

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About the group:

The first months of parenthood are magical and intense. They can also be very isolating. This group will give you the space and time to come together with others to give and receive support. We will explore the emotional and physical changes you are going through as a parent and provide you with tools to support your transition into this new identity. In addition to having time for open discussion, each meeting will include a special topic. This group is geared toward primary caretakers of any identity caring for babies that were born May - August of this year. If you have any questions if the group is appropriate for you, please contact facilitator Erynn Sosinski at ebstherapist@gmail.com

The group will be led by Erynn Sosinski, LCSW. Erynn is a tarot reader and psychotherapist practicing in Brooklyn and Manhattan, and mother to an almost-two-year-old son. When Erynn was a baby, her mother joined a group she considered essential in her experience of transitioning to motherhood and went on to lead these groups through Erynn's early childhood. Erynn grew up knowing the value of connection and support during early parenthood, and has been honored to facilitate these groups for the last year. Erynn's approach in rooted in non-judgment, affirmation, and plenty of humor.
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