Raising Sexually Healthy Children: Infants to Toddlers *VIRTUAL*

$25 per parent/couple 

Raising Sexually Healthy Children: Infants to Toddlers

Wondering how best to help your babies and young children respect their own body, and that of others? Wondering how much to say to them about their body...or about about your body? Ever found yourself fumbling to answer some of their early questions about where babies come from, issues related to gender roles, or describing things like tampons? 

This workshop is designed and facilitated by sex educator and local parent, PK Brewster to give parents/grandparents/babysitters focused time to learn and think about these important life questions. In this two-hour workshop, we will cover...


    • A framework for responding to a range of questions 

    • Consent. How it relates to you and your child.


    • Deepening our understanding about how our own, specific, identity-based backgrounds (race/ethnicity, class, religion, sexual identity, gender identity, physical abilities, and more) can nurture our child’s healthy development. 

    • Clarifying your own perspectives on tricky topics

    • Recognizing, honoring and accounting for the impact of our own early lives 


    • Your child

    • Your partner

    • Others who care for your child 

  • FINDING NEW RESOURCES for you and your child (Books, websites, social media)

Your little ones are welcome to join, as makes sense for you. You are encouraged to bring your dinner or snack along. The first half hour is structured for people to be able to eat and settle in as we start our work together.

About the instructor: PK Brewster (she/her) is a NYC-based sex educator, whose comprehensive work spans from classroom to policy. PK is dedicated to creating a world where young people are treated with respect, kindness and care around their bodies, minds and hearts. With more than 20 years experience, PK balances direct work alongside young people with citywide level policy and advocacy. 

For more information, see Sexedforall.org or contact info@sexedforall.org


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