Raising Sexually Healthy Children: Infants to Toddlers

Thursday December 5th, 6:00pm - 8:00pm

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Raising Sexually Healthy Children: Infants to Toddlers

Wondering how much to say to your young child about their body...or about about your body? Ever found yourself fumbling to answer some of their early questions about where babies come from, why only girls often wear dresses, or what is a tampon? Wondering how best to help them respect their own body, and that of others? 

In this evening gathering, facilitated by sex educator PK Brewster, MPH, we will discuss best practices for raising sexually health children. Parents will then personalize these ideas to their own needs, values and families. Come join us for a fun evening of laughing together as we grow our thinking and perspectives.

For more information, see Sexedforall.org or contact info@sexedforall.org


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