Learning Party With Baby Caravan (all things birth + doula q+a)


December 9th @ 6:30pm

Learning Party With Baby Caravan (all things birth + doula q+a)

Whether you’ve been dreaming about this pregnancy for years or it caught you by surprise, no one is quite ready for the level of anxiety or overwhelm that comes from having to make decisions while pregnant, especially in NYC. Like sitting down with a professional wedding planner, the goal of this session is to bring clarity and calm into your journey.

This light-hearted event will walk you through what’s good when it comes to hospitals, birth centers, doctors, midwives, birth classes, body workers (and more!) while also being able to mix and mingle with Jen Mayer, founder of Baby Caravan, NYC’s leading birth and postpartum doula agency. Jen will explain why so many people are giving birth with a doula at their side; how doulas support partners as well as those delivering; the range of expertise between doulas in the city; the difference between a postpartum doula and a night nurse; and answer all of your questions. Baby Caravan Doulas will be in attendance so you can meet some folks actively taking on clients. Partners are welcome, and encouraged to attend this free information session. Ideal for those pre-conception or in their first and second trimesters, but open to all. 

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Ashley Brichter started Birth Smarter to bring relevant and engaging education to the modern parent. She is a mother of two, Certified Cooperative Childbirth Educator through CEA/MNY, a Certified Lactation Counselor, and a birth and postpartum doula. Ashley is trained in Comforting Touch for Labor, Rebozo Techniques for Childbirth, Dream Birth Imagery, Spinning Babies, Prenatal Yoga, and Pelvic Health.


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