Year 1: A Conversation for Dads + Birth Partners

Zoom link to join: 

Donation based group-pay when you arrive

Year 1: A Conversation for Dads + Birth Partners

Part workshop part support group! Really just a good ol’ space to talk + think.

While partners often take longer to bond with baby then the birthing parent, we know that the role of the partner is critically important for a child's development and birthing person’s wellbeing. Since co-parenting today involves so much more than putting bread on the table, we invite you to take a minute and wrap your mind around some of the real s*%t that might go down. If you’re not giving birth, what is your role in all of this baby stuff? Should you watch the baby come out? How can you show up for your partner physically and emotionally after labor and delivery? Take care of yourself? What is your role once you're back at work?

Built for the expectant parent, we also welcome new parents with or without their babes.

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