All Things Birth and Doula Q&A with Baby Caravan


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September 14, 7:30pm-9:00pm *VIRTUAL*

October 18, 7:30pm-9:00pm *VIRTUAL*

November 11, 7:30pm-9:00pm *VIRTUAL*

About All Things Birth:

Whether you’ve been dreaming about this pregnancy for years or it caught you by surprise, no one is quite ready for the level of anxiety or overwhelm that comes from the number of choices and decisions to be made while pregnant. Like sitting down with a professional wedding planner, the goal of this *FREE* 90-minute workshop is to bring clarity and calm to your journey in a light-hearted and interactive way. All Things Birth is a virtual meeting, offered once a month.

We’ll help you separate fact from fiction and walk you through the most current birth scene; what’s good when it comes to hospitals, birth centers, doctors, midwives, doulas, birth classes, body workers (and more)!

This is not a full birth class – it provides introductory information along with a Q+A. Whether you are trying to conceive or weeks away from meeting your baby, this class will help you develop a framework for making decisions.

This event is facilitated in partnership with Baby Caravan, an NYC based Doula referral platform.

AND!!! meet Jen Mayer, founder of Baby Caravan, NYC’s leading birth and postpartum doula agency. She will explain why so many people are giving birth with a doula at their side; how doulas support partners as well as those delivering; the range of expertise between doulas in the city; the difference between a postpartum doula and a night nurse; and answer all of your questions. Baby Caravan Doulas will be in attendance as well (if they’re not at a birth!) so you can meet some folks actively taking on clients. Partners are welcome, and encouraged to attend this free information session.



In a world where it is difficult to keep sight of what is most important Birth Smarter aims to call our attention back to what is valuable. Do you notice that expectant parents spend more time choosing a stroller than they do a midwife or obstetrician? More time arranging their nursery than arranging comprehensive support for after the birth. As a business we have the power to convince you that pregnancy, birth, and the postnatal period are worth investing in. If we don’t, women and families suffer and you miss the opportunity to build an intentional foundation for your family; the foundation on which we’d like our society to rest. 

Birth Smarter lives in the space where biology meets society, wisdom meets data, and empathy meets activism. We believe that transparency is the key to birth, babies, and business, that it is always worth investing in parents, and that together, we can change the world. Our unique birth and parenting classes offer expecting parents and their support team the information and practice that will enable them to think critically and improvise during high stakes moments. Our continuing education workshops empower health and wellness professionals to become trusted pillars of their perinatal community. We’re shaping the future, one birth at a time.

Baby Caravan was founded in 2013, with the intention of making it easier for pregnant and new parents in New York City to find the resources and support they need to prepare for birth and new parenthood. The original concept was to have an actual caravan, like an Airstream style, that would travel to different neighborhoods in New York to create community and educational support for new parents by setting up sidewalk pop-up shops. People could come into the Airstream to hang out, breastfeed, and talk about everything and anything new parent related. Rather than an actual Airstream trailer, what Baby Caravan has evolved into is a tight-knit group of 50 vetted Birth and Postpartum Doulas that travel to work with their clients in their homes all over New York City. Baby Caravan shortens the research time for parents when meeting and hiring a doula. We strive to make the process of working with a doula as easy and seamless as possible. Based on parent’s preferences, location, due date, planned birth location for birth services; and daytime or overnight care for postpartum services, we are able to connect you with a number of doulas to set up initial interviews to find the perfect personal fit before enlisting their services. At Baby Caravan we value team work, commitment, and professionalism. Our doulas work together as a team to provide well-rounded support to our clients. You can expect to work with doulas who are highly committed to doula work, provide evidence based information, and are professionals in their field.

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