Winter Friday Series
December 6th - January 10th * no class December 27th *
"Mini Kicks" 18 month class @ 9am
2 - 3 years class @ 9:35am
$135 / 5 week course

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Williamsburg Soccer Club provides fun soccer classes on a weekly basis for kids in Brooklyn!

Mini Kicks: 18 month class:

This is a parent/guardian participation class, where toddlers will be introduced to basic soccer and movement skills. Our coach will lead you through a series of organized mini games that help to develop listening skills, balance, running, playing as a group, basic ball skills and foot-eye coordination.

The activities will also help to teach gross motor skills that are crucial to healthy development and of course include, scoring lots of goals!

Classes will be themed to help disguise learning and ensure the content is fun, relevant and easy to follow. The class is for first time players and beginners looking for their first introduction to soccer. Class capacity 6 kids.

* Note - about 60% of instruction will be directed at the parent/guardian.

2 - 3 year class:

This class has limited parent/guardian participation. Toddlers will be introduced to basic soccer and movement skills, our classes are built around play and games disguising the learning aspect. This format encourages more engagement from the class resulting in better participation. Class capacity, 6 kids.

Soccer skills they will develop

  • Start to develop a range of kicking
  • Slow directional dribbling and control
  • Enjoy scoring goals

About Williamsburg Soccer Club:

Our philosophy is; Everyone is welcome (we don't make kids try out to play with us), kids play with the ball at their feet (its the only way to learn), while providing character development and enjoyment all in a fun and safe environment.

Classes are structured to be fun and friendly, with terms lasting 5 weeks. We want to give children a fun and enjoyable introduction to soccer so they become lifelong players. Soccer is also great for education especially in their younger years and can aid early development skills such as learning colors, numbers, following instructions and playing as a team.

The course is run by qualified and background checked coaches and follows an age specific program allowing each child to progress at his/her own rate. They are great for beginners and first time soccer players.

About Coach Steven:

Displaying Coach Steven.JPG

Steven has been coaching in for Williamsburg Soccer Club for nearly two years. He's our head coach and responsible for developing the curriculum and also training our coaching team. He has great experience with working with kids 18mth+ and prior to WSC coached at many locations in the Williamsburg area as well as in Manhattan. Steven is a keen NY Cosmos fan and passionate follower of the Colombia National Team. He's fluent in Spanish, English and 2yr old. He has high energy, the kids love him and always leave with a smile.

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