Sunday May 19th 1:00pm
Baby Sleep: 4 months and beyond : For parents of babies 4-12 months
$35/person or $60/couple
Join pediatric sleep expert Hadley Seward for a 90-minute workshop about how to navigate your baby's sleep between 4-12 months. 
Topics covered include:  Recovering from the 4-month sleep regression; getting your baby onto a consistent nap schedule; extending short naps; finding an age-appropriate bedtime; and when/how to work on self-soothing. There will also be time for Q&A.
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About the Instructor:
Hadley Seward is the founder of Bonne Nuit Baby, a well-known sleep consultancy focused on helping children and their parents get more sleep. Hadley’s proven methods allow parents to stop living in survival mode and provide a roadmap for families to live their very best lives. Hadley's clients have called her “a magical sleep fairy” and said that her approach to sleep is "like a breath of fresh air." She is a contributor to popular parenting sites such as MotherlyWell Rounded and Mommy Shorts. Hadley lives in downtown Manhattan with her 10-month-old, 5-year-old and husband. 
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