Wednesdays at the Wild (For Birthworkers!)


Birth Smarter+ The Wild are excited to launch Wednesdays@ The Wild!

Wednesdays 1:00pm - 3:00pm
September 31st, August 7th, September 4th ,October 2nd

A space for birth professional to mix and mingle and enjoy a stimulating conversation. We will welcome a new host each month. All events are free but please pre-register HERE.

September 31st: A workshop / group of badass humans who benefit from putting their whole selves on paper!

*Started as a Wednesdays at The Wild earlier this month (thank you Ashley Brichter); now meeting regularly. We are led by Sierra Troy-Regier, a beautiful doula who’s experienced in writing workshops but doesn’t use social media. We write about whatever we want, and we support each other through it. 

Please email ashley@birthsmarter.comif you’ll be joining us!

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