West Of the 4th Weaving Ring Sling Elements - Fire


Fire showcases energetic oranges, yellows and reds in a flickering dance. The element represents transformation, and itself showcases a beautiful transformation of thread to fabric to carrier. Perfect whether you're fiery in nature or enjoy the calm crackle of a campfire.

The Elements collection from West of the 4th Weaving is a celebration of nature, featuring designs inspired by the four classical elements: Earth, Water, Wind and Fire. Choose the one that speaks to you through the colors and design or for what the element represents and what it means to you.

Gorgeous and meticulously handwoven, this is truly a coveted ring sling that's strong and durable, yet soft and cushy. There's something special knowing that each thread has been placed with care and high attention to detail to ensure the utmost integrity in a carrier.

  • Made with 100% Cotton grown in the USA and spun and dyed in Canada.
  • Yarns are color fast and free from harmful chemicals and heavy metals.
  • Supports newborns to toddlers, from 8-35 lbs.
  • Machine wash with a gentle liquid detergent, tumble dry. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Do not dry clean. Iron as needed.

A Note on Handwoven Fabrics

West of the 4th ringslings are made using fabric completely woven by hand! The nature of a handwoven fabric means you may encounter natural variations in the thread (such as slubs or thickenings), thread ends and overlaps (called "joins"), and variances in the selvedges, or edges, of the fabric. Please know that these are all normal features that add character and result in a truly unique and gorgeously hand crafted fabric and does not effect the quality, safety or durability of your carrier.

Ring Sling Tutorials

Please contact us should you have any questions about the use of this amazing carrier, we would love to help! You might also enjoy these great tutorial and troubleshooting videos full of tips and tricks for getting a perfect fit with your ring sling.

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