Postpartum Planning *VIRTUAL*


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January 21, February 16, March 25 7:30pm-9:30pm *VIRTUAL*
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Postpartum Planning:

Do you feel prepared for life in the immediate days and weeks after childbirth? In order to encourage a seamless physical recovery, decrease your likelihood of postpartum mood and anxiety disorders and increase family bonding, we encourage you to talk through the moving parts of postpartum life before you give birth!

Together, we will discuss: the birthing person's physical and emotional needs following labor and delivery, including ways to increase rest, move mindfully, and eat well- strategies for maintaining a healthy relationship with a newborn- the difference between a postpartum doula and a baby nurse, and who else you might want in your circle of support - essential products and resources for self-care


About Birth Smarter: 

In a world where it is difficult to keep sight of what is most important Birth Smarter aims to call our attention back to what is valuable. Do you notice that expectant parents spend more time choosing a stroller than they do a midwife or obstetrician? More time arranging their nursery than arranging comprehensive support for after the birth. As a business we have the power to convince you that pregnancy, birth, and the postnatal period are worth investing in. If we don’t, women and families suffer and you miss the opportunity to build an intentional foundation for your family; the foundation on which we’d like our society to rest. 

Birth Smarter lives in the space where biology meets society, wisdom meets data, and empathy meets activism. We believe that transparency is the key to birth, babies, and business, that it is always worth investing in parents, and that together, we can change the world. Our unique birth and parenting classes offer expecting parents and their support team the information and practice that will enable them to think critically and improvise during high stakes moments. Our continuing education workshops empower health and wellness professionals to become trusted pillars of their perinatal community. We’re shaping the future, one birth at a time.




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