Punkin Butt Hemp Cotton Fleece Fuzzy Doubler


Soft, washable, comfy, and moisture-wicking. All the things you love about your Patagonia fleece jacket translates just as well to these fleece diaper inserts. Perfect for heavy wetters and for extra absorbency overnight.

Once you start cloth diapering your baby, you'll receive instant bulletins from her letting you know that she'åÛåªs wet and needs to be changed, immediately. It's a great system, unless you're trying to get your baby to sleep for a longer stretch at night,åÊor you want to bounce around town without changing diapers at every stop. That's when you want to add in a thirsty fleece insert so baby's bottom doesn't instantly feel wet.

3 layers of absorbent fabric, Fuzzy Doublers are then topped with one layer of super soft fabric meant to keep baby feeling dry and comfortable.

Wetness passes through the top layer, hemp with aqua micro fleece, into the cotton doubler leaving baby feeling drier.

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