Imse Vimse Training Pants protect clothes from getting wet when accidents happen during potty training. Consists of four layers for maximum comfort and wetness protection, 100% organic cotton knit outer layer, two inner layers of absorbent organic cotton terry, and a layer of polyester with PUL sandwiched between.

  • Recommended for day-time use only. Not recommended for nap-time.
  • For older children and heavy wetters, increase absorbency by adding a diaper liner or insert. A diaper cover can be added for additional protection as needed.
  • Made in Europe
Size Age/Weight
Large 8-22 months/20 to 26 pounds - great for younger babies and EC-ers.
X-Large 15-24 months/24 to 31 pounds - correct for small-bottomed potty-learners or young learners.
Super Large 2-3 years/28-37 pounds - this is the correct size for most average-sized toddler potty-learners.
Junior 3 years+/35-44 pounds - slightly higher rise and wider leg openings than Super Large.
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