Diaper Kind Fitted Diapers


Diaper Kind's fitted cloth diaper is made of multiple absorbent layers of super soft unbleached birdseye cotton. It is contour shaped so it goes on your baby with no folding required. This convenient diaper is soft, trim, and fits great. With the addition of super soft and stretchy elastic around the legs, this fitted does a bang-up job at preventing leaks and blowouts.

Diaper Kind's fitted diapers do an amazing job at containing all the mess your babe can throw at it. Say goodbye to poo sneaking out onto the inside of your diaper covers! Because they are contour shaped and there is no folding required, they are a great diaper to have on hand for new babysitters, friends or family who may not know how to use a prefold diaper. Best of all, these fitted diapers share the same accessories as our prefold diapers, so switching back and forth between the two styles is simple and cost effective

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