An all natural baby wash that gently cleanses and cares for delicate skin. Baby‰۪s delicate skin gets the gentlest bathing treatment with our soothing Weleda Calendula Cream Bath. This all natural baby wash is a calming addition to bath time that nurtures your baby‰۪s sensitive skin and ensures that essential moisture is protected.

Biodynamicå¨ and organic calendula flower extract soothe and soften your baby‰۪s skin, wrapping your child in a layer of warmth and protection like a loving hug. Weleda Calendula Cream Bath contains a base of sweet almond oil and beeswax that help your baby‰۪s skin retain its moisture and keeps it soft and smooth. Your precious baby feels decadently supple and extra snuggly. Bath time just got even more heavenly for your perfect little angel.

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